About Us


The concept of AUTO|ONE began deep within the walls of an automotive dealership in 1986. This leasing division was formed In-house and began offering its clients alternative and innovative options for leasing their new, used and luxury vehicles. As business began to grow at AUTO|ONE, we expanded in January of 2005 to a larger off-site location and then even further in January of 2011 by gaining a location in Vancouver. We have been doing this now for 27 years, leaving us with tons of experience and knowledge as a new and used dealership that specializes in great leasing plans and stretches all across this great nation. We offer an incredibly competitive dealership in the heart of Vancouver that deals with leases on cars which are impeccably priced. Our highly skilled representatives with a deep knowledge of automobiles and leasing will help you with your specific needs. Their integrity and dedication to high standards ensures you end up with the perfect car and perfect lease for you and your needs.  

Our In-house administration allows you to deal with us directly. That means there are no third party sources such as factory finance companies or financial institutions. No matter if it's used or new, well lease it, any make or model including cars, trucks, cans, sport utility and heavier trucks up to 5 tons, we'll have that too for you to lease. All of these will include flexible programs designed to suit whatever your personal needs are. AUTO | ONE has an amazing line up of quality used, new and luxury vehicles to lease or sell. We also have the resources to get you that perfect vehicles no matter what. If it's a car, SUV or truck, we'll find it. If you want a used car to lease, and we don't have it, well find it. Basically, if we don't have it, we can get it!

AUTO | ONE Lease Program Highlights:

  • We have many trained representatives who are experts in getting you the car for you specific needs and helping you decide between buying and leasing the vehicle.
  • Not all leases are created equal, and there's no such thing as a "one size fits all" lease. We recognize this and have the information you need to figure out which lease is prefect for you.
  • We offer the benefit of cash flow that traditional financing cannot match. Our programs will eliminate the need to sell your used leased vehicle.
  • We offer interest rates that are competitive with the general consumer loan rate or commercial rates you may have been offered by a chartered bank. Doesn't matter if your credit is perfect, or less than perfect, we have a solution perfect for you!
  • When it comes to the end of your lease, we will present with options based on your specific needs and wants. If you love your car and don't want to leave it, you can buy the car outright, or re-lease it. You could sell it privately, return it, or trade it back for a new leased car. You have a multitude of options to finish out your loan with.